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Fast food - what to order?--ClickHeal
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  Fast food - what to order? Dr  Gurmit   Gambhir 2011-02-22 03:26:09  

We all know fast food is bad. It is loaded with sugar, salt, fats and calories. When you are following a healthy diet, occasional fast food may be consumed, as long as you know what and how to choose.

Follow these tips:

  • Order a diet cola, or a fresh lime soda instead of colas which are full of sugar.
  • Go for a 'regular size meal' instead of 'large or extra value' meals, as they just add more calories to your meal.
  • Order a salad or fruits as a side dish instead of fries or chips.
  • Choose grilled meat instead of fried meat.
  • Avoid that extra layer of cheese, mayonnaise and full fat sauces. Go for mustard, ketchup and lots of salad instead.
  • Ask for a whole wheat bread instead of white bread or bun.
  • Choose fresh fruits for dessert.
  • Avoid cheese dips and full fat cream dips.  


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