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Making a fresh start, got a new job? Here’s how to fit in

You've got yourself a new job and are energized about the new opportunities ahead but you may also be feeling a bit nervous about the new workplace, colleagues etc. Here are a few things you can do to make the transition smoother.

Break the ice
It sounds obvious but how many times do we wait for the opposite person to make the first move. You need to be friendly, amicable and try and establish a rapport with your new colleagues and your boss.

Show interest
Talk to lots of different people and ask questions about the organisation and the way things work in the office. Your questions and attitude should show interest and not interference. It is best to ask your seniors rather than make mistakes.

Watch what you speak
You should refrain from passing comments on your new workplace and also avoid comparing it to your old workplace. Do not pass personal comments about colleagues at any cost and try and restrict too much personal information about yourself. Over time you may regret it.

Don't say 'This is all I will do'
It won't hurt you to learn or help out with a few things that may not be a part of your job description. Not only will it bring in some brownie points, it will also show your colleagues that you are open to learn.
Good luck!

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